Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Complete Self Indulgence

So there are many things I have my eye on for Christmas/my birthday that fall into the fun and unnecessary category.  Whenever I think of those things, however, I quickly begin to think about how it's going to take close to $5000 for me to prepare for and take the bar exam this summer.  You know, cause law school has been cheap so far, so that's completely reasonable.  I know my parents will help as much as they can but that's still a huge chunk of change that causes me to hyperventilate slightly whenever I think about it.

I just found out that the bar prep classes allow gift certificates to be purchased on your behalf, and so I'm thinking the fun stuff can wait.  Getting that amount whittled down, even a little bit, is really what I need and want.

So, for friends and family who plan to ask me what I'd like, the gift certificate link is here.  Also?  I love you.  And when I'm a lawyer, free wills for everybody!


chickster said...

But I really wanted to get you that cute journal on your other list! What's BRI (listed on order form)?

Christina said...

Aw, well, I can give you credit for wanting to get me the journal without you actually having to get it! Thank you though! I think it stands for Bar Review Institute. Also, I am already enrolled (question on the form). Payment is just due in full by April.