Wednesday, July 7, 2010

October, Please

Look, I realize it's hot as the underside of balls out there.  And, quite frankly, it doesn't smell much better thanks to 101+ degree heat in downtown Philly only exacerbating the satisfying scent of open sewer grates. 

But that is not an invitation to you to walk around with no shirt on, sir.  Especially given that in the defiance of all logic you removed your shirt while leaving in tact your mid-shin-high socks.  Under your sandals. 

Let's recap: no shirt, yet socks, sandals.  101+ degree heat.  It's like taking off your pants but leaving on your mittens. 

This heat wave is assaulting all my senses.


D&D said...

underside of balls?
enjoyable yet unappealing use of verbiage here.