Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm pretty much an adult but I'm still not enough of an adult to resist messing with someone's Facebook page when they fail to log out after using my computer. 

Joe Randazzo likes ball sacs, y'all.  Look it up.  It's cause they're so soft.  As he explained for everyone.  On Facebook.

I was told through clenched teeth after the fact that you can't delete your own comments from your wall.  That's a stupid rule.  What if some immature person gets on because you didn't log out and posts crazy things about ball sacs being oh so soft?  This is why I'm not on Facebook.  It's dangerous.


you know said...

So, are those Facebook rules from '01 or '99? Because you can pretty much "Remove" any and all comments on your profile, created by whomever.

Tutorial on privacy settings can be found here:

Christina said...

Yes, I learned later he just took advantage of my Facebook ignorance to get me to stop posting things.