Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maybe The Calculator Did Make a Difference

me:  You can't make fun of my math anymore because guess who got an A in tax law?

Joe:  Didn't you get to bring a calculator to the exam?

me:  That's not the point.  An A.  In tax law.  It's a hard class.

Joe:  Probably easier with the calculator though.

me:  I'm just sayin' your being able to make fun of my math skills are over.  A.  Tax law.  Suck it.

The next day

me: What time did you leave?

Joe: Around 2:30.

me:  So it's 4:15 now.  You should be here in, what?  30 minutes?

Joe:  Um, no.  What were you saying about not making fun of your math anymore?

me:  What?  It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to get here.  You left at 2:30, it's 4:15 now.

Joe:  Uh huh.  Maybe try that math again.


me:  45 minutes?

Joe: [sighs]

me:  An hour!  An hour!  You'll be here in an hour.

Joe:  That's better.

me:  I got an A in tax law.

Joe:  I know, hon, I know.


SG said...

Awww, you're pretty Christina

A said...

I did the math, just to make sure HE was right.