Friday, May 7, 2010


Stupid Wall Street Journal making me panic.  Stupid economy.  Stupid student loans.  Please, God, let things be better by around May 2011.  Please.  I'll totally make it up to you.
"The situation is so bleak that some students and industry experts are rethinking the value of a law degree, long considered a ticket to financial security."
"Those considering law school might want to reconsider, said Allan Tanenbaum, chairman of an American Bar Association commission studying the impact of the economic crisis on the profession. Students take on average law-school debt of about $100,000 and, given the job market, many 'have no foreseeable way to pay that back,' he said."
I'm going to go study for my last final now and try not to think about the possibility that it all could be for naught and/or that I could graduate and make less than I was making pre-law school and pre-$150,000 in student loans.

Oh, hey, did I mention?  CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.