Saturday, April 10, 2010


I cannot wait for this. I'm so excited.

Although, I will say as much as I loved the first movie, I was a little disappointed. I just did not like that Carrie went back to Big after what he did to her. That was humiliating and awful. Get out of the fucking car, you prick! And she justified it by saying that it was partly her fault, the wedding turned into something that was all about her and what she wanted. But then they ended up getting married in a way that was all about what he wanted. Her friends weren't even there to see it. What happened to the small wedding of 75 she had initially planned?

I also do not buy that her friends would jump right back on board the Carrie and Big train considering everything he put her through. Of course, this is coming from a girl that is notorious for hating her friends' boyfriends. Although, I will say, that without fail, every single boyfriend I have ever hated in the end I have been absolutely right about. And the ones that I've loved have turned out to be fabulous keepers.

Actually, now that I think of it, not a single one of you who were mad/annoyed/disappointed because I thought your boyfriend was an ass has thanked me for being right all along and for insisting you deserved better. Ridiculous. Can I at least get a "you were right all along, I should have listened to you, I'll never date anyone you don't approve of ever again..." Or a parade. I would like a parade. Or you could treat me to a movie. I'm really looking forward to SATC 2. Ah, full circle. Nicely done.


SG said...

Fine! You have been right about 2, possibly 3, choices I have made. So thank you for knowing before I did that I am only attracted to douchebags.

C said...

Haha! I will say though that they have all been quite good-looking so you have that going for you! What about the guy we met at your last apartment get together? I liked him and my douchebag radar didn't ping at all. Get on that, if you haven't already.

SG said...

A girl's gotta have standards. Nothing has happened there and dont antcipate anything happening. I cant force him to find me sexually appealing, although how he doesnt is a mystery to me - why just yesterday, I finished the nachos we were sharing. One would think he would appreciate that I dont waste food or money.

C said...

That's ridiculous. Even I find you sexually appealing. Although, I do hope that you dipped your pinky finger in the nacho cheese and then licked it off suggestively. If you did not, that was certainly a missed opportunity to send the correct message.