Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Q & A

Me: I'm going to say things and you answer yes or no. Don't think about it, just answer.

Joe: Okay, go.

Me: You are moody in the morning.

Joe: Yes.

Me: I have - at least once - made you blush.

Joe: Yes.

Me: You cry when you feel like crying.

Joe: No.

Me: You appreciate hearing my opinions.

Joe: Yes.

Me: You could be happy with me living in a box.

Joe: No.

Me: You wouldn't be happy with me living in a box?

Joe: We're in a box. Who's happy?

Me: I think the point of the question is that you could be happy with me anywhere.

Joe: Trust me. If we're living in a box, I'm not happy.

Me: I don't think the box is supposed to be the focus of this question.

Joe: If I'm not happy in the box then we're not happy in the box. Next question.

Me: Appropriately, it is "you often wonder why you are in this relationship."

Joe: Are you answering these too?

Me: Yes.

Joe: You should know I'm a little drunk.

Me: Too late.


D&D said...

goddammit. write a book!