Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Like My Revenge to be Season Appropriate

Holly and Joe's reception had gorgeous views of the Hudson River, perfect for photo ops. My buddies and I took lots of gorgeous shots posing in front of the water. Sara was sweet enough to take several of my Joe and I. She was forced to take several because I veto almost every picture I'm in as no good and insist on another and another until I have completely exhausted myself and my photographer. I suppose I was exhausting Joe as well, because in one shot, I am smiling fantastically and he is standing slightly behind me sticking his tongue out at me. He really shouldn't do such things because it makes me want to do things like this:

I certainly hope no one googling him ever sees that. But I suppose I would have to label it Joe Randazzo for that to happen. Or Joseph Randazzo. Joseph A. Randazzo. Joseph Allard Randazzo. Beacon High School Class of 1998.

I LOVE having a blog!


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