Monday, October 12, 2009

Holly & Joe Got Married

Their wedding was lovely and lots of fun. All I kept thinking the whole time was how little she looked. Like the Holly I've always known and loved now playing dress-up. Like she wasn't old enough to get married and we weren't old enough to be at a wedding unsupervised. I'm still not comfortable with this whole grown-up thing. I thought attending a close friend's wedding would feel more defining, like now we are adults. But no. It felt like anytime my college friends are all together except Holly was in a gorgeous white dress, her Joe was beaming, and we were all attempting our best behavior. Holly was radiant and I'm so, so happy for her. Through hard work, dedication, and a clear sense of who she is, she has created the exact life she wanted. She and Joe let each other be exactly who they are and their love and mutual respect shows in everything they do. Their wedding was definitely a celebration. Of their love past, present and future. Of adventures and life experiences yet to come. Of looking forward and embracing what can be. If that's being a grown-up, then maybe I won't fight it so hard.


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